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On-going training to promote excellence in kitchen and bathroom design

Learning should never stop, so that’s why we offer continuing education across New Zealand, in conjunction with the BCITO (Building Construction Industry Training Organisation).

NKBA offer the following courses:

  • National Certificate in Design (Level 4) with strands in Kitchen Design, and Bathroom Design (Level 4)
  • National Diploma in Design (Kitchen or Bathroom Design) (Level 5)

NKBA also acknowledges Certified Kitchen Designer (CKDNZ) or Certified Bathroom Designer (CBDNZ) qualifications. All NKBA training is recognised by the national qualifications framework.

How do I find out about training?

BCITO is the first point of contact for all kitchen and bathroom design courses – through them you will get information on how to register for courses, course dates, training agreements, government subsidies and distance learning workbooks.
NKBA qualified tutors run the block courses and mark the course assignments. Training manuals and assignments are provided as part of the block course materials.

Visit the BCITO website information on kitchen and bathroom training
Or contact via Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0800 BCITO (0800 422 486)

Tell me more about credentials?

Certified Design Society - Kitchen or Bathroom Design Credentials
Once you have completed (and passed) the first two assignments of the NZQA National Diploma (Advanced Level) in Kitchen Design qualification, you may apply to become a Certified Designer with the Certified Designers Society (CDS). These credentials are internationally recognised and acknowledge a minimum of four years design industry experience.

In conjunction with the NKBA Code of Practice, Certified Designers must also adhere to the CDS Code of Professional Conduct and earn an Annual Practising Certificate by remaining up to date with new products, services and building regulations.

To apply for certification, designers must complete an application form and submit a portfolio of current work to gain approval from the CDS Board.  The designer then can use the letters after their name - CKDNZ or CBDNZ.

A masters Certificate is also available to CKDNZ or CBDNZ designers who have attained 10 years overall industry experience.

For further information, please visit the CDS website.